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[s-d] Redesigning proposing/voting (was: Wonko amended 175)

"Daniel Peter Lepage" <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> In a true free-market economy with purely rational agents, my offer would
> win through. Clearly love has trumped capitalism yet again.


Well, I was just going to let her prop some things (in particular, I
thought the might want to prop my simplification of the Grammar
ministry), but was going to let her keep the prop rewards. And there's
no real need to rush on them, so I was just going to wait for next

> Maybe we should have three 4-day voting sessions, one per Period. We could
> require that a prop be Pending for at least 4 ndays before it could be
> voted on, so that you'd always have to wait between 4 and 8 ndays for your
> prop to be voted on (instead of between 0 and 12 ndays, as it is now).
> We'd need to drastically lower the number of props per ballot, maybe
> restricting everyone to two Pending props at a time (which would mean 6
> per player per nweek).

I could see that working... Maybe two periods of 6 days would be less
drastic a change, but three periods of 4 days could work too.

Besides, we haven't changed the proposing/voting length in at least
one or two nweeks.

> The Ministry of Change could then become a three-person Ministry, one
> handling each period; it wouldn't be a lot of work for anyone, and it
> would be easy for the others to step in whenever one had to be out of town
> or otherwise unavailable.

Maybe. There's also a lot of room for automation here. At the very
least, the computer could send out the Ballot each Voting Period. With
me making voting more complicated and adding more voting entites,
resolving the ballot might be a bit more work, though.

I tried setting the Voting Gremlin's vote via the wiki last nweek, but
it ended up setting my votes instead. Is there some way I can do that?

And like I said, I'm planning on changing Ministries around
anyway. One of my changes allows for any number of Ministers to have a
Ministry. I think I'll send it out in a second, in case people want to
comment on it.

Peter C.
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