Daniel Peter Lepage on Thu, 21 Jul 2005 07:42:58 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] Re: Wonko amended 175

> eugman@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> Make a way to start elections for posistions held.
>> Make a type of deputy which assist a minister by handling part of the
>> job.
> I've written something up to revise the whole ministry thing, but it's
> based around the theory that ministries are jobs, and don't really add
> any power. If you want to give the minister of the house more power,
> then perhaps my proposal-that-I-can't-submit-until-next-nweek needs
> some revising.
> Normally I've had no problem with the 5-props-per-nweek thing, but
> this nweek I think I could use 10.

Being a Senator, I can still make 5 more this nweek; I'd happy to prop
something for you. Of course, certain handling fees will apply :D

Specifically, I'll do it for 5 Genechips. You can keep the rest of the
rewards for the prop's passage.


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