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[s-d] Redesigning Ministries

So, here's the proposal I'm considering proposing. I'd appreciate
feedback and comments.

Modifying Ministries May Make Ministering More Manageable

[[Issues with the current ministry system that this tries to correct:
- There are very few candidates for "elections", so they take much
  longer than they ought to.
- If someone wants to be a minister, there should be very few things
  to stop them... As long as they do the work.
- There's no current way to remove a minister from a position without
  their willingness to hold an election.
- For game-critical things like Change and Law, it can be useful to
  have more than one person in the position, so that whomever is free
  at the appropriate time in the game can make the changes.
- Sometimes a Ministry without a Minister is called 'Open', and
  sometimes it's called 'Free'
- The Meta-Minister definition is in a different place than the other
  ministry definitions.
- It's not explicitly stated that the Adept handles the jobs of Free

Change the text of Rule 4-1 in its entirety to
=== Definition ===

Ministries are Game Objects. Each Ministry may be held by any number
of Players. Any Player holding a Ministry is known as a Minister of
that Ministry.

Each Ministry has a list of responsibilities that its ministers are
expected to fulfill. Some ministers may be granted additional powers
by the rules.

If no players hold a particular Ministry, then that Ministry is said
to be Free.

=== Entering a Ministry ===

A Player may make emself a Minister of a Ministry by Referendum. This
Referendum may be submitted regardless of the state of any
time-keeping device in the game. If the Clock is Off when the
Referendum is submitted, it becomes Open at that time, and two wdays
after the Referendum becomes Open, it becomes Historical.

A Player may make emself a Minister of a Free Ministry as a Game
Action. This action can be performed regardless of the state of any
time-keeping device in the game.

=== Leaving a Ministry Voluntarily ===

A Minister of a Ministry may make emself no longer a Minister of that
Ministry as a Game Action. This action can be performed regardless of
the state of any time-keeping device in the game.

=== Recalling a Minister ===

A Player may submit a Recall as a Game Action. A Recall is a Motion. A
Recall's list of changes can consist only of one item, which is to
remove a named Minister of a particular Ministry from holding that
Ministry. Eligible Voters on a Recall are all Players except for the
Minister named in the Recall. Legal Votes on a Recall are REMOVE,
KEEP, and ABSTAIN. When a Recall is Submitted, it becomes Open. Three
ndays after a Recall becomes Open, it becomes Historical. When a
Recall Resolves, if the number of REMOVE Final Votes is at least 2
greater than the number of KEEP Final Votes, the Recall Passes.

Execute these changes in rule 4-4:

Change the text
Besides the Meta-Ministry, the following Ministries exist:
to a new section of that rule with the text
=== The Meta-Ministry ===

There exists a Ministry called the Meta-Ministry, whose Minister may
be called the Meta-Minister, or Kurt Godel [[alternate spellings of
Godel are also acceptable, for you umlaut fans out there]]. The
Meta-Minister is responsible for maintain a Public Display of the
current status of all Ministries.

In the "The Ministry of Arcana" section, append the text
The Adept is also responsible for performing the responsibilities of
any Free Ministry.


Repeal rules 4-2 and 4-6. [[They're not really needed anymore, since
someone can just become a Minister if something's not being tracked.]]

In Rule 9-8, change the first bullet to the text
15 Genechips if e holds any Ministries.


Peter C.
The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance.
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