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Re: [s-d] Virtual particles

Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> bd <nomic@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> The reason I don't want to do this is I want to allow things like:
>> < I have 35 points >
>> I Flux five point-antipoint pairs.
>> I buy a Thingy for 40 points.
>> I toss the Thingy at Wonko, gaining 50 points from the explosion.
>> < Now I have 45 points >
>> My goal is to allow essentially the unlimited creation of funds in a
>> transaction, as long as you pay them back.
> Interesting. With your proposal right now, though, I think that the
> game may be Idle between each of those statements (I'm not sure at
> all, though), and there's currently no penalty for just not doing that
> last action and ending at 5 antipoints, meaning that you can buy as
> much stuff as you want unless there are other limits.
> I do like the concept, though.

Idleness only occurs when some actual time passes between game actions. 
As I said, I'm planning on tying this closely to transactions, so that 
a) no Annihilation occurs in a transaction and b) you need to end up 
with the same number of point/antipoint pairs you started out with, or 
the transaction rolls back.
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