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Re: [s-d] Virtual particles

Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Isn't this functionally identical with allowing negative points?  Or
>> am I missing something?
> Well, it keeps points as discrete objects as opposed to just being a
> numerical quantity, which is kind of interesting, if not really needed.
> I'm more interested that it opens up the possibility of having more kinds
> of antimatter in the game, which I think could be interesting.
> I'm a little concerned about the definition of idling and the continuous
> doing of stuff. I do get what the general idea of it is, though, and can't
> really think of a better solution offhand.

My idea here was to allow "borrowing" of points. That said, this of 
course be abused if we allowed purchasing things with points, for 
example. Should the prop on transactional actions pass, I'll amend this 
to abort the transaction it's in (creating an implicit transaction if 
needed) if the user doesn't repay their 'debt' instantaneously.

It might be better to define 'taking' points as the creation of 
antipoints actually...
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