Antonio Dolcetta on Mon, 11 Dec 2006 07:54:50 -0700 (MST)

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[s-d] diceroller


I've set up a diceroller, even if it appears it's not needed yet. Please 
test it to your heart's content.
how it works:

send mail to diceroll@xxxxxxxxxxxx, place the template {{xdy}} where you 
want random numbers to appear, using the standard "dungeons and dragons" 
convention (as in 1d6 means one roll of a six sided die).
The script will send your message back to you spoofing your address as 
the sender. it will contain the same message with dicerolls in place of 
the templates.
It will also include a disclaimer saying that a substitution has taken 
place, and the original message for reference.
source is available at
In a few days I'll change it so that it sends mail directly to the list 
instead of simply bouncing it back to the sender.

here's an example output:

hello diceroller,
antonio has 8 bananas
wonko has 6 coconuts and 4 bananas


DISCLAIMER: this message has been mangled
DISCLAIMER: by an evil software diceroller

___Original Message___
  hello diceroller,
  antonio has {{3d6}} bananas
  wonko has {{1d6}} coconuts and {{1d6}} bananas


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