Antonio Dolcetta on Thu, 26 Jan 2006 05:41:43 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [s-d] Re: [auto] Antonio votes

Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
Antonio Dolcetta <zagarna@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
it's not very clear if the pens in the pen pack are held by you or by
the pen pack or by both (but then you're holding the pen pack that
holds the pens and it gets terribly confusing and my brain goes on a

Well, as I stated sometime earlier this nweek (I think Triller brought
up the same confusion), I was assuming the holding an object wasn't
transitive, as there was nothing in the rules saying that it was. If
that's the case though, then the Torch doesn't work right, since it
describes the room that the Torch is in, not the room that the object
holding the torch is in.

I don't see what the problem with torches is, you will always be able to say in which room the torch is, and that's the room that gets the effects. It doesn't matter if the torch is in someone's possession or not.

As to the transitiveness of holding I could say that it's also not non-transitive, and once you hold an object you will not let go of it unless explicitly stated. If you read it like that your proposal would allow players to count the pens in their pen-packs as normal pens for the voting process and get away with 2 more proposals than other players (which is not actually that terrible, it's just an example of how fragile these object rules are)

We probably ought to settle this soon somehow.

Yes, we better get all this fixed up and solid before moving on to fancy stuff affecting voting and other core mechanisms.

is it actually stated somewhere that objects can be held only by one
object at a time ?

No. In fact, for some objects, such as ministries, the object *is*
held by more than one object at a time.

more fuel for the "pen packs let you propose 2 times more and keep the pens to boot" argument


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