Mark Walsh on Thu, 26 Jan 2006 20:33:20 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] comex submits p352

On: 1/26/06 1:08:35 PM comex submitted:
> Subject: [s-b] [auto] comex submits p352
> comex has submitted a new Motion, p352.
> ---------------------------------
> Motion 352/0: Lighting Invalidation Generates Heavy Trepidation
> A Proposal by comex
> Last modified on nweek 104, nday 12
> [[ LIGHT ]]
> In Rule 10-1, remove the fifth bullet and add:
> {{
> * A Lighting Level which is initially 0

And what exactly does a level of 0 indicate?

> * A state of being Internally Lit or Not Internally Lit
> While a Room is Internally Lit, its Lighting Level is increased by one. 
When a Room's Lighting Level is at least one, it is Lit; otherwise, it is
> }}
This last indicates that a lighting level can be more than one.
The following don't indicate how. Or how often.

> Change the Effects Field of Lit Torch to:
> {{
> While a Room contains a Lit Torch, its Lighting Level is increased by
one. The Lit Torch is destroyed at the beginning of the next nweek.
> }}
> Change the Effects Field of Kirchhoff's Radiation Dampener to:
> {{
> Sacrifice: The Lighting Level of the Room in which the Radiator Dampener
was activated is decreased by one until the end of the nweek that it was
activated on.
> }}
> In the Ordinances of The Basement, change all occurrences of {{lit}} to
{{Internally Lit}}, and all occurences of {{dark}} to {{Not Internally
Are these effects to be additive (i.e. 2 torches)?
Being Not internally lit doesn't undo a lighting level of 1.
Is there a periodicity implied here that is not yet defined?


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