Antonio Dolcetta on Wed, 25 Jan 2006 07:08:15 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [s-d] Re: [auto] Antonio votes

Peter Cooper Jr. wrote

and if I have a pen pack I can submit 2 more props that other players ?

Well, you can submit up to 20 props. If you have a Pen Pack, on one nweek
you can take 2 of your normal Pens and put them in your Pen Pack, such
that only 3 of your props make it to voting. Then, on another nweek, you
can take those Pens our, such that 7 of your props make it to voting. But
that's just for one nweek, as those Pens gets destroyed at the start of
voting and new ones get created. It really works exactly the same as they
do now.

are you sure about that ?
your proposal states:

At the beginning of each Voting Period, for each player, the Pending
Proposals e holds with the lowest X serial numbers become Open, where
X is the lower of the number of Pending Proposals e holds and the
number of Pens e holds. Then, all Pens are destroyed, and then each
player gets 5 newly-created Pens.

it's not very clear if the pens in the pen pack are held by you or by the pen pack or by both (but then you're holding the pen pack that holds the pens and it gets terribly confusing and my brain goes on a loop)

is it actually stated somewhere that objects can be held only by one object at a time ?


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