Michael Gorman on 1 Aug 2002 01:54:16 -0000

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Re: [eia] Question: all-or-nothing and supply

At 08:42 PM 7/31/2002 -0400, you wrote:
    Yes, if we assume that the defending corps is not already besieged when the attacking corps arrives, then the attacking corps must stop movement.  If the defending corps retires, then the attacking corps will have an option as to whether or not to lay siege.  However, this is *not* a house rule.  Through the discussion process, we discovered (with Mike's guidance) that this is actually what the rules say as they are written.  Hence, it is not a house rule at all.  Or to put it another way, our house rule is redundant.
    So correct me if I'm wrong, but here's a possibility that I can foresee.  (I'm not trying to have a rules debate.  I'm just trying to figure out if the way I am thinking is correct.)  Suppose that the Letters are at war with the Numbers.  It is the Letters' turn to move during the land phase.  Corps A moves into a square with unbesieged enemy Corps 1.  By the rules ( Corps A must halt movement and declare an attack.  At this point, the Letters should refrain from sending out any more land orders until Corps 1 has decided whether it will retire or not.  Suppose Corps 1 chooses to retire.  Now the Letters' land phase continues.  The Letters choose to move Corps B into the same area as Corps A (and Corps 1).  However, since Corps 1 is now located inside the city, Corps B could potentially continue moving.
    Is this right?  If not, where have I gone wrong?
        It is not correct.  
        The Letters' corps enters an area with a Numbers' corps that is not in a city.  The Letters' corps must stop movement.  There is no exception, there is no waiting for an email.  At the completion of all movement, the land combat phase will begin and the Numbers' will make the decision to fight in the field or retire into the city.
        The only time it is possible for the Letters' corps to continue movement is if the entirety of the Numbers' force is garrison factors.  If that is the case, the Letters' corps will not be required to cease movement. 
        If there is a Numbers' depot in the area and the only Numbers' forces in the area are garrison factors, the Numbers' player will have to decide if the depot will be destroyed before the Letters'  player is required to say if their corps will continue movement.  This is the only case where information from the Numbers' player would be required during the Letters' turn.