Kyle H on 1 Aug 2002 02:06:04 -0000

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Re: [eia] Question: all-or-nothing and supply

    Ok, so we are understanding the word "immediately" in to mean "immediately after all movement has ceased".  Ok, I think I've got it now.
        It is not correct.  
        The Letters' corps enters an area with a Numbers' corps that is not in a city.  The Letters' corps must stop movement.  There is no exception, there is no waiting for an email.  At the completion of all movement, the land combat phase will begin and the Numbers' will make the decision to fight in the field or retire into the city.
        The only time it is possible for the Letters' corps to continue movement is if the entirety of the Numbers' force is garrison factors.  If that is the case, the Letters' corps will not be required to cease movement. 
        If there is a Numbers' depot in the area and the only Numbers' forces in the area are garrison factors, the Numbers' player will have to decide if the depot will be destroyed before the Letters'  player is required to say if their corps will continue movement.  This is the only case where information from the Numbers' player would be required during the Letters' turn.