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Re: [eia] Economic phase

    Yes, everything having to do with how money and manpower are spent
remains private with one important exception:  ship-building is public
knowledge.  So if you bought a ship factor (each ship takes 12 months to be
constructed), you must inform everybody how many are being built and in
which ports.  Victory points, of course, are public.  Economic Manipulation
is public (by House Rule if not by regular rules).  Ceding is public.  The
results of the Levy Step which might be visible on the map are public.  New
Political Combinations are public.  ...  So receipts, expenditures, and the
composition of any corps that may be placed are all private knowledge.
Pretty much everything else is public.  (Am I missing anything?)

    Here's something that I was thinking about recently, though.  Take a
look at Peace Condition B.6.  It says that if the loser trades with GB, then
the victor may declare war again prior to the end of the enforced peace.  In
order for this Peace Condition to have any meaning at all, it must be public
knowledge whether each country has traded with GB.
    Everett pointed out to us before that, according to the rules,
*everything* should be public knowledge:  corps strengths, fleet strengths,
and expenditures.  We have decided to impose a fog of war on most of these
items.  I agree that the fog of war makes the game more interesting.
However, the decision to trade or not to trade with GB has to be public
knowledge for the reason given above.  Do you all agree?


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>     I think we have decided loans {and hopefully reinforcments
> purchased} are private business.  What info are we making public
> in the economic phase?
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