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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Amended proposal "the rot sets in"

shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Submit 5 * number of players + 1, vote on the one nobody votes against.
> Amended again; now more than one voting entity has to vote for a
> proposal in order for it to pass.  (I thought of that about the same
> time you did, I think, but I was away from the computer at the time.)

Meaning all one needs is a single conspirator to take over the game, no 
matter how many players vote for something, right? :)

>> You can't block every possible hack using this. It's a fundamental
>> problem; anyone who's fast enough will get any prop they want through.
> Well, in this case it's academic; the proposal won't pass.  But this
> must be a problem for the whole game, surely?  What can you do about
> it?

We currently have a majority requirement; I don't favor schemes which 
limit the controls but not the material to be controlled. In other 
words, as long as the number of proposals which can be submitted is 
linked to the number of available votes in a way which is meaningful and 
can prevent these kinds of schemes, it's not a problem. However, if the 
number of votes is bounded and the number of proposals is unbounded, 
there are bound (heh) to be problems.

Also, from your latest revision:
 > 1) If the proposal would result in a repeal or amendment to this rule,
 > or refers to this rule by number or name, or refers to any player,
 > then it will theoretically vote AGAINST.  In this rule these are
 > called "against proposals".
 > 2) Otherwise, if the proposal either creates a mechanism for
 > transferring votes between objects, or creates a new voting object;
 > and if the proposal does not actually transfer any votes, it will
 > theoretically vote FOR.  In this rule these are called "for
 > proposals".

I don't like the phrase 'theoretically vote FOR', just give a name to 
the set of proposals and explain why in a [[comment block]] to avoid a 
messy process of RFJs :)
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