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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Amended proposal "the rot sets in"

shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> This does not correct the fact that the first player to propose a whole
>> bunch of props after this passes can ensure that their proposal passes.
> Actually, it does not correct the fact that the LAST player to propose
> a prop would get a pass.  Just one pass.  But only if it doesn't
> mention a player, and doesn't assign votes to anyone, and *does* make
> some voting-type rule change.
> So you can't propose "heres a new voting entity; I win".  And you
> can't make 100 proposals and have bob pass them.  (Unless someone can
> show me otherwise, in which case I'll try and fix it.)
> OTOH Bob will slowly change the game into one where the voting is
> uneven and basically corrupt.  Voting against it would make perfect
> sense.

Not quite like that. Simply:

Messages signed by the PGP key with ID 0x________ may contain a list of 
changes to the gamestate, which will be applied immediately.

Submit 5 * number of players + 1, vote on the one nobody votes against. 
You can't block every possible hack using this. It's a fundamental 
problem; anyone who's fast enough will get any prop they want through. 
Even if you block specific types, I'm sure someone will find a loophole 
in those restrictions, or they'll be too tight to pass anything useful.
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