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[s-d] Re: Redesigning Ministries

"Daniel Peter Lepage" <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> - The Meta-Minister definition is in a different place than the other
>>   ministry definitions.
> That was intentional in the first draft of this ruleset. It was for
> readability - I didn't like that someone reading through the rules
> linearly would start seeing mention of Kurt Godel before know what that
> was.

I see... that was a little odd first time I read the rules, now that
you mention it. But now that doesn't happen, since all Kurt Godel has
to do now is update the public display.

>> === Recalling a Minister ===
>> A Player may submit a Recall as a Game Action. A Recall is a Motion. A
>> Recall's list of changes can consist only of one item, which is to
>> remove a named Minister of a particular Ministry from holding that
>> Ministry. Eligible Voters on a Recall are all Players except for the
>> Minister named in the Recall. Legal Votes on a Recall are REMOVE,
>> KEEP, and ABSTAIN. When a Recall is Submitted, it becomes Open. Three
>> ndays after a Recall becomes Open, it becomes Historical. When a
>> Recall Resolves, if the number of REMOVE Final Votes is at least 2
>> greater than the number of KEEP Final Votes, the Recall Passes.
> What's to stop the deposed Minister for taking it back immediately?

Here's how I'm thinking it would work:
- Bad Minister A is not performing eir job.
- Since the job needs to get done, Good Minister B makes emself a
  minister via referendum, and starts doing the job. (Note that just A
  voting against it isn't enough to stop it, since a Referendum
  requires two objections to fail.)
- The recall process against Bad Minister A starts, removing em if
  enough people agree that e is not doing eir job.
- If Bad Minister A tries to get back in, there would probably be two
  people willing to object to eir Referendum to do so. (Or maybe
  they'd give A another chance and just recall em again if e stops
  doing eir job again.)

Basically, I'm thinking that Free ministries would be very
rare. There's no problem with having several people for each ministry,
even if most don't do anything most of the time.

Making a new type of Motion seemed like overkill, but I wasn't sure
how else to do it... Doing it by Referendum seemed like it'd be too
easy to remove someone, although maybe that wouldn't be so bad... And
nothing stops a minister from being removed via Prop or Tweak.

> Statements like "...whose Minister may be called the Meta-Minister" don't
> make sense anymore, since there may be multiple such players.

Yeah, I was thinking of changing all the "the minister" to "a
minister" and such, but it seemed clear enough most of the time. Each
minister of a position can be called "the minister" there and things
work out. I might tweak that slightly, though.

>> Repeal rules 4-2 and 4-6. [[They're not really needed anymore, since
>> someone can just become a Minister if something's not being tracked.]]
> It's surprising how much simpler that makes things.
> I very much like this prop.

Yes, simplifying things is good. (For my prop-voting-as-numbers prop,
I was very pleased when I realized that I was changing the pass
condition to "the sum of Final Votes on it is positive". It just seems
so clean and elegent.)

Peter C.
"And in a radical policy change, God today announced that he *will*,
in fact, play dice with the universe."
		-- tnt
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