eugman on Thu, 21 Jul 2005 11:00:40 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] Re: Wonko amended 175

> Maybe we should have three 4-day voting sessions, one per Period. We could
> require that a prop be Pending for at least 4 ndays before it could be
> voted on, so that you'd always have to wait between 4 and 8 ndays for your
> prop to be voted on (instead of between 0 and 12 ndays, as it is now).
> We'd need to drastically lower the number of props per ballot, maybe
> restricting everyone to two Pending props at a time (which would mean 6
> per player per nweek).
> The Ministry of Change could then become a three-person Ministry, one
> handling each period; it wouldn't be a lot of work for anyone, and it
> would be easy for the others to step in whenever one had to be out of town
> or otherwise unavailable.
> In fact, I like this idea so much that I'll probably prop it tonight,
> unless anyone has good reasons not to.

I do.

A: Why not have a limit of  the number of proposals turn open over an nweek?
It's be easier to have limits and bonuses that way. It would also allow timing clumps of proposals.   

B: There needs to be a way for me to have my proposal stay pending longer if it's big and no doubt full of gramttical errors.

How about this? We keep the limits on the amounts of proposals as is only have it be for new props made during an nweek. Then make it so if you make a prop in period one it's pending in periods 1 and 2 nad you can vote on it in period three. So if you make it during period 2 you vote on it in period one.
This way we have four days to vote. It pends during two periods and is voted on during the third.

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