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[s-d] Re: JessicaCooper submits p181

Please note that " and " were quotation marks when I wrote them.

On 7/21/05, automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> JessicaCooper has submitted a new proposal, p181.
> ---------------------------------
> Proposal 181/0: Going Grammatically Gaga
> A Referendum by JessicaCooper
> Last modified on nweek 94, nday 6
> [[I just did something I've been meaning to do for a long time and went
> through the whole rules set with a fine-toothed comb.  There should be
> nothing at all objectionable in this Motion; I tried to put things that
> could be construed as objectionable into the other Motions I will be
> submitting shortly, because there is no reason that this should not pass. 
> And I don't think that the alliteration counts, as this is not a proosal.]]
> In rule 1-2/2, put a period after the words &#8220;context of the
> game&#8221; and capitalize the word &#8220;that&#8221;.  Put a period at the
> end of the second comment in this rule.  In the last paragraph, remove the
> comma after the parentheses.  [[run-on sentence]]
> In rule 1-3/1, insert a period at the end of the comment in the second
> paragraph.  
> In rule 3-1/5, add a period at the end of each comment (paragraphs 2 and 7).
>  Add a period after &#8220;the number 10&#8221; in the second paragraph as
> well.
> In the bulleted list in rule 3-2/1, replace all instances of
> &#8220;it&#8221; with {{e}}. Replace all instances of &#8220;It&#8221; with
> {{E}}.  Replace all instances of &#8220;Its&#8221; with {{Eir}}.
> In the same rule, add a hyphen between &#8220;game&#8221; and
> &#8220;defined&#8221; in the last paragraph.
> In 3-14/1, replace the second paragraph with:
> {{
> Once the Dictator has vetoed two proposals since e became Dictator, one of
> the authors of the proposals that were vetoed is chosen at random.  The Big
> Rubber Stamp is transferred to that entity at the beginning of the next
> nweek, and the new player becomes the Dictator.
> }}  
> [[This was confusing and had Spivak problems; all changes are basically
> grammatical.]]
> In rule 3-19/2, under &#8220;Priest&#8221;, add the word {{it}} after the
> word &#8220;binding&#8221;.  
> In rule 4-7/0, after the word &#8220;rules&#8221;, change the comma to a
> semicolon and add the word {{then}}. 
> In rule 6-5/7, under &#8220;Zapping up to three Zones&#8221;, change the
> second sentence to read:
> {{
> When you Zap a Zone, you gain amplitude equal to half the number of tiles in
> that Zone, rounded down.
> }}  [[&#8220;You&#8221; is good.  &#8220;A player&#8221; is also good. 
> However, consistency is necessary.]]
> In rule 6-10/1, remove the period after the penultimate bullet in the second
> bulleted list.  [[A period after each bullet, no periods after any bullet,
> only a period after the last bullet, or periods only after bullets which are
> complete sentences are acceptable.]]
> In rule 7-1/3, in the second sentence, change &#8220;their&#8221; to
> {{eir}}.  In the second paragraph, in the penultimate sentence, change
> &#8220;their&#8221; to {{eir}}.  In the last sentence of that paragraph,
> change &#8220;If they are not&#8221; to {{If the original owner is not a
> player}}.
> In the first sentence of the third paragraph, change &#8220;Soul&#8221; to
> {{Souls}}  [[to match plural in players]].  In the other sentence of the
> third paragraph, change &#8220;eir Soul is&#8221; to {{their Souls are}}.  
> In 9-3/1, paragraph 2, change the words &#8220;to the email address&#8221;
> in the last sentence to {{at the email addresss}}.
> In rule 9-9/0, captitalize the first letter of the final comment and add a
> period after it.
> In rule 9-10/0, within the parentheses at the end of the first sentence in
> the second bullet, add a comma after &#8220;for example&#8221;.  In the
> fourth bullet, change the words &#8220;they are&#8221; to the words {{e
> is}}.  
> ---------------------------------
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