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Re: [s-d] Redesigning Ministries

> - The Meta-Minister definition is in a different place than the other
>   ministry definitions.

That was intentional in the first draft of this ruleset. It was for
readability - I didn't like that someone reading through the rules
linearly would start seeing mention of Kurt Godel before know what that

> === Recalling a Minister ===
> A Player may submit a Recall as a Game Action. A Recall is a Motion. A
> Recall's list of changes can consist only of one item, which is to
> remove a named Minister of a particular Ministry from holding that
> Ministry. Eligible Voters on a Recall are all Players except for the
> Minister named in the Recall. Legal Votes on a Recall are REMOVE,
> KEEP, and ABSTAIN. When a Recall is Submitted, it becomes Open. Three
> ndays after a Recall becomes Open, it becomes Historical. When a
> Recall Resolves, if the number of REMOVE Final Votes is at least 2
> greater than the number of KEEP Final Votes, the Recall Passes.

What's to stop the deposed Minister for taking it back immediately?

> === The Meta-Ministry ===
> There exists a Ministry called the Meta-Ministry, whose Minister may
> be called the Meta-Minister, or Kurt Godel [[alternate spellings of
> Godel are also acceptable, for you umlaut fans out there]]. The
> Meta-Minister is responsible for maintain a Public Display of the
> current status of all Ministries.

Statements like "...whose Minister may be called the Meta-Minister" don't
make sense anymore, since there may be multiple such players.

> Repeal rules 4-2 and 4-6. [[They're not really needed anymore, since
> someone can just become a Minister if something's not being tracked.]]

It's surprising how much simpler that makes things.

I very much like this prop.


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