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Re: [s-d] Ministerial Questions

- I'm a little confused about the difference between the Minister of
  the Roster's responsibility to keep "a Public Display showing
  necessary information unavailable elsewhere" versus the Minister of
  Arcana's responsibility "for performing any necessary game task for
  which no other Player is responsible". Those both seem to cover
  miscellaneous stuff, and I'm not sure what the method is for
  determining which of those responsibilities it falls under. (For
  instance, Wonko as the Minister of Arcana seems to be maintaining
  the new list of laws, although it seems to be that it could just as
  easily have fallen under "necessary information unavailable
  elsewhere" and therefore been under the responsibility of the
  Minister of the Roster.)

The idea originally was that the Roster displays things, but the
Adept does things. Since I'm responsible for displaying
information, the Adept isn't. So technically I should display the
laws, but Wonko started doing it, and e can continue if e really

I got the impression (perhaps from misreading the rules) that the Roster Minister was responsible for displaying things related to players, societies, and other such autonomous agents, while the Adept would take care of everything else. If you'd like to take over the Book of Law, you're certainly welcome to.


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