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[s-d] Ministerial Questions

More questions from the new guy, this time about Ministers:

- r615, D.4 says that the Minister of Forking Paths "Chauncey" must
  maintain a Public Display of all existing Vines and Tomatoes listing
  their owners. It looks to me like this should in fact be covering
  all types of Plants and Fruit (or at least, the current display
  does). Should this be changed (that is, should I hazard trying to
  make a proposal to fix it)?

- I'm a little confused about the difference between the Minister of
  the Roster's responsibility to keep "a Public Display showing
  necessary information unavailable elsewhere" versus the Minister of
  Arcana's responsibility "for performing any necessary game task for
  which no other Player is responsible". Those both seem to cover
  miscellaneous stuff, and I'm not sure what the method is for
  determining which of those responsibilities it falls under. (For
  instance, Wonko as the Minister of Arcana seems to be maintaining
  the new list of laws, although it seems to be that it could just as
  easily have fallen under "necessary information unavailable
  elsewhere" and therefore been under the responsibility of the
  Minister of the Roster.)

- What happens if the Adept doesn't really know where eir towel is? :)

- I don't see anything that says that the winner of a Ministerial
  Election becomes the new Minister. Seeing as all of the other basic
  rules seem to be fairly carefully defined (likely due to problems
  when they weren't), I figure it's either (a) an oversight that I'm
  the first to find, (b) nobody has a problem with the presumption and
  you aren't really *that* meticulous with the rules, or (c) I'm
  missing the place where it's specified. I figure that it's probably
  (c), but I figured I'd bring it up anyway.

Thanks some more for your help in getting me up to speed.

Peter C.
"There are less differences of opinion when no one can come up with one."
		-- Me & Jessi

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