Jeremy Cook on Sun, 2 Jan 2005 21:20:39 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [s-d] Ministerial Questions

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 10:00:27PM -0500, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> More questions from the new guy, this time about Ministers:

Seeing as I'm the Meta-Minister, I'll tackle these.

> - r615, D.4 says that the Minister of Forking Paths "Chauncey" must
>   maintain a Public Display of all existing Vines and Tomatoes listing
>   their owners. It looks to me like this should in fact be covering
>   all types of Plants and Fruit (or at least, the current display
>   does). Should this be changed (that is, should I hazard trying to
>   make a proposal to fix it)?

I think when we propped adding other types of fruit, we forgot to
change the Ministry description. Yeah, go ahead, prop it.

> - I'm a little confused about the difference between the Minister of
>   the Roster's responsibility to keep "a Public Display showing
>   necessary information unavailable elsewhere" versus the Minister of
>   Arcana's responsibility "for performing any necessary game task for
>   which no other Player is responsible". Those both seem to cover
>   miscellaneous stuff, and I'm not sure what the method is for
>   determining which of those responsibilities it falls under. (For
>   instance, Wonko as the Minister of Arcana seems to be maintaining
>   the new list of laws, although it seems to be that it could just as
>   easily have fallen under "necessary information unavailable
>   elsewhere" and therefore been under the responsibility of the
>   Minister of the Roster.)

The idea originally was that the Roster displays things, but the
Adept does things. Since I'm responsible for displaying
information, the Adept isn't. So technically I should display the
laws, but Wonko started doing it, and e can continue if e really

> - What happens if the Adept doesn't really know where eir towel is? :)

Then we're all in for it.

> - I don't see anything that says that the winner of a Ministerial
>   Election becomes the new Minister. Seeing as all of the other basic
>   rules seem to be fairly carefully defined (likely due to problems
>   when they weren't), I figure it's either (a) an oversight that I'm
>   the first to find, (b) nobody has a problem with the presumption and
>   you aren't really *that* meticulous with the rules, or (c) I'm
>   missing the place where it's specified. I figure that it's probably
>   (c), but I figured I'd bring it up anyway.

In this game, the answer is usually (b). It's an Election for a
Ministry, with Players as candidates, and r1823 specifies that
an Election is used to make a decision, so it's not too
far-fetched to assume that the Winner takes the Ministry.

It always amazes me how newbies think we know what's going on. I,
at least, rarely do.


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Is this a custom-made /usr/games/fortune file? It's got good
stuff in it.
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