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[s-d] Comments on p1973 "At a retailer near You"

I had a couple thoughts on Wonko's proposal to create a Store:

- In the wording "if that type of object is what's On Sale, then an
  instance of that type is transferred.", it's not completely clear to
  me if the Store creates a new instance of that object, or if the
  Store merely gives one if it happens to have one (meaning that as
  it, the Store is currently sold out of everything, since it has no
  objects to transfer).

- I don't think that Thorn Seeds would be a popular item to sell,
  since they can currently be picked from anywhere (slowly) with no
  repercussions. (And once you have one, you could plant it and pick
  its two seeds, and then plant one seed and take its two seeds and so

- A Ninja Gnome lets one take "without feeling the effects of things
  such as Thorn Bushes". That "such as" seems really vague and
  imprecise to me.

I like the idea, as it seems to me the game needs some way of spending
tildex besides watering plants... I think that it just needs a couple
minor tweaks.

Peter C.
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matter-transport/sentient-life-form type"
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