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[s-d] Re: Ministerial Questions

Jeremy Cook <athena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> In this game, the answer is usually (b). It's an Election for a
> Ministry, with Players as candidates, and r1823 specifies that
> an Election is used to make a decision, so it's not too
> far-fetched to assume that the Winner takes the Ministry.

Well, I suppose that is a reasonable conclusion. I just wanted to make
sure that I was seeing everything involved.

> It always amazes me how newbies think we know what's going on. I,
> at least, rarely do.

Well, I'd expect that people who've played the game for a while would
at least have a higher probability of knowing what's going on. Maybe
it's just wishful thinking, though. :)

> Is this a custom-made /usr/games/fortune file? It's got good
> stuff in it.

Oh, more personal questions about my computing habits, now :). Yes,
it's my personal fortune file for signatures (run off of the fortune
program). I try to update it occasionally, adding new things and
taking things out that I'm tired of. They include quotes from people I
personally know, as well as other quotes and sayings that I just found
interesting.  (Jessi, for instance, is my wife, although she wasn't
yet at the time of most of my quotes from her.)

Peter C.
"And in a radical policy change, God today announced that he *will*,
in fact, play dice with the universe."
		-- tnt

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