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[s-d] Re: [auto] BeeDee submits p1976

Jeremy Cook <athena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Well, it's not a logical contradiction. It's just that we need to
> accept r10's authority on our own before we use its authority to
> accept its authority.

Right. I guess that that's part of r14's "A Player is an Outsider who
consents to be governed by the rules" definition.

> The only redundant part of r10 is the part that tells us to
> follow r10. The rest gives us an important distinction. Maybe we
> should change it to, "All game entities must abide by all the
> Rules in effect except r10..."

Well, that could give someone the impression that r10 *didn't* need to
be followed, and thus the other rules didn't either... Since we need
to recognize r10's authority anyway, once we have it there's no harm
in using it to recognize its own authority again, and I think that it
might lead to less Chaos and Confusion (or at least, shouldn't lead to

> And the "circumvent" part is troubling. There might be situations
> where we need to stop the rules, fix something, and then start it
> again. That's what the SOE is for, but currently r10 takes
> precedence over r0.

Well, r10 doesn't say that *rules* can't circumvent the rules, it just
says that Proposals and Game Actions can't. (Of course, one could
argue that a proposal doesn't do anything by itself, it's merely a
list of things, and the last paragraph of r19 just happens to read
it.) But I agree that it's a bit troubling, and should probably be
revised somehow.

> Why isn't your wife playing?

She's not quite as enamored with the idea of a game where the playing
pieces are the rules. Besides, all her time nowadays is spent playing
Sims 2. :)

Peter C.
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