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On Aug 2, 2004, at 1.15 AM, glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

What I meant was, there's a search function on the bnomic.org page that has, as options, searching on rules, or proposals, or CFIs, or "all documents". I'd like the cardlist to be
included in the "all documents" part.

Alternately, if everything's on the wiki now, including the rules, proposals and CFIs, I suppose I could just search the wiki...especially since the search function may be searching
the database rather than any files.

Ok, so the fulltext search and the historical documents don't exactly work as they're supposed to, because I haven't had time to fix them. Basically, rules and CFIs are being stored in one giant table in a database on bnomic.org. This table also holds historical proposals, but starting last nweek, I've been trying to use a new proposal tracking system that keeps them elsewhere; in fact, it keeps them on an entirely different server, namely nomic.net. bnomic.org is Dave's server, nomic.net is Joel's, and getting one of them to search the other would be a real pain in the ass. As it stands, therefore, the fulltext search searches current rules and CFIs, and historical proposals prior to nweek 65. The wiki search will turn up slightly out-of-date Card definitions, newer proposals, and some recent CFIs, as CFIs are being moved to the wiki. Cards were never searched by anything before the wiki; indeed, they weren't even displayed all in one place prior to the page I just put up.

So here's what I plan to do about this, but bear in mind that this is dependent on my having time to do it between observations, etc.

I hope to finish installing MoinMoin on bnomic.org. I think this is done, but there are a few last things I should check.

Once that's there, I'm going to copy everything from the wiki at nomic.net to the wiki at bnomic.org. This will put all data on one server, making searching much easier.

I want to rewrite a lot of the storage stuff completely, because I believe it could be much easier to use if somebody sat down and reworked it. Specifically, I'm going to put proposals, rules, and CFIs all in different tables, and write a lot of scripts to automate the filing. Ideally, somebody else will volunteer to do things like maintain a list of current CFIs using whatever methods they feel like, and then send the CFIs to me as XML documents once they're resolved, and I'll put them in the archives pretty much automatically.

Finally, once that's all in place, I can update the searching programs to search any or all of the available document tables, including cards, etc.

In the meantime, things are going to be a little bit choppy. I'll be doing my best to keep the links from the main page up-to-date, so if there's an obvious place for the information to be, there should be a link to it from the main page (by which I mean www.bnomic.org, which you'll be redirected to if you go to www.nomic.net). I'd also be happy to periodically post anything you're interested in knowing, and look up anything you want me to find out.


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