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Re: [spoon-discuss] obsolete wiki pages

On Aug 1, 2004, at 9.43 PM, Jeremy Cook wrote:

I'd like to (formally) prop a system where you write out the specs of
the Python scripts you want, and Players get points for writing them.
I'd like to help with this, but I'm not sure exactly what you need.

For things like CFI tracking, I'd like the Minister of CFIs to handle them however e wants. If e wants me to put some things on the wiki, or put some php scripts e wrote on bnomic.org, I'll do that, but I'd like to be able to ignore things like assigning CFIs and writing down the judgments. Then I'd like em to send me an XMLized version of all recently concluded CFIs, say once every nweek, so I can file them where a fulltext history searcher can find them.

The Minister of History could be automated easily if it's just putting
something in a database. Set permissions so that the wiki can send it
to the database.

That'll be much more possible once the wiki and the database are on the same server.

Also, we talked at one point about making a very simple language to
describe rule change. It would save me a lot of time if we had such a
thing in effect - as it stands, I have to go through and edit each rule
one by one, so even repealing rules gets tedious.

I propose (informally, not as a Game Object) that we use something like

This should be done formally as well. Keywords no longer exist as of
today, BTW. Also, #create is easier to type than CREATE or <propcode>
CREATE </propcode>.

Ok, so something with #'s or some such character delimiting commands. Second question: when this is done formally, how should it be enforced? We could take away points for making props that could use the syntax but don't, reward people for using the syntax, or flat-out ignore props that fail to use it... there might be some other possibilities as well.

I'm leaning towards take points from those who don't use it - basically, you can submit a proposal without the syntax if you want, but there'll be a handling fee because I'll have to enter things myself.


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