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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Prop Mod: Soc Rep

From: Daniel Lepage <dplepage@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
__Fixing Everything__

Overall, I like it. Seems to be a good combination of the various society props in the past.

Each society has any number of other entities associated with it; these entities are called its members.

Hmm. This could be interperted to be "any entity associated with a society is, by association, a member".

Each Society is permitted to make any entity a member of itself, if and only if that entity has Applied for membership with that society.

The way that reads, if someone has, ever, at any point in time, applied to be a member of a society, then that society can make em a member. I suggest either making it a state ("Entity X is/isn't applying to Society Y"), or saying "has Applied, and has not been Accepted by the society and/or Revoked eir Application since eir last application."

Any entity may Apply for membership in a society.

If you go with Revoking, as suggested above, make sure to allow entities to Revoke.

Each Society is permitted to make any member of itself cease to be a member. This is referred to as Ousting that member. Any member of a Society may Quit that society; this causes that society to Oust em automatically.

This is forcing the society to do something. While this instance isn't that bad, it would be a bit cleaner if you just made the Quit definition similar to the Oust definition (ie. the entitiy ceases to be a member of the society).

IV. Possessions
A Society may transfer any object it possesses to any other entity which can possess that object. Societies may possess any objects that players can legally possess.

I'd personally rather that we explictly state, either here or elsewhere, what they can possess, and restrict everything else. Much easier to avoid potential problems that way. If you don't change it to be that way, you should at least have this section of the rule defer to all other rules, so making exception elsewhere in the ruleset is easier to do.

VII. Creation
Once per nweek, each player may create a new society whose only member is that player.

You should make a provision for the charter here; otherwise, societies start with undefined charters, and no way to change them.

VIII. Penalties
If a society is required by the rules to lose a quantity of objects [[for example, if one of its proposals fails and it thus loses 1d6 points]]

Actually, the only way societies can be forced to lose something it /doesn't/ have is through proposals. To buy something you have to have points to begin with, and Robin and such don't quite apply. While what you have is, I agree, an improvement over Point Balances, it really isn't necessary. What about, rather than letting societies make props they might not be able to pay for, require them to pay the possbible cost up front, and what they don't end up having to pay, gets returned.

I imagine it kind of like betting. Put up your chips/cash/points, and if you lose, they take what you already put up. If you win, you get the amount you put up and then some back.

Though it is unlikely that we will be forcefully extracting objects from societies in the future (other than "taking item X if it has item X"), if we do, we can simply edit this rule with a provision for that.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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