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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: State of the Nomic (Nomicron)

>>Last week, deltanine presented evidence to the Gerontocrats and another
>>long-time player that an agent might be working against the very game we
>>have come to enjoy.  I have attached the original message for you to
>>review.  This message points directly to conversations on the B Nomic
>>message board that describe plans to subjugate and destroy other Nomics.
>>This type of behavior is astonishing.  We were unable to understand why
>>one or more individuals would conspire to break another game simply
>>because that game did not behave as they wished.

>-What I want to know is who is sending all of this stuff on. It's getting
>downright obnoxious, having innocent discussion come back to hurt us this
>way. I'd rather the new InterNomic wasn't plagued with spies. They make
>things harder for all of us.-

I told you the Nomic world might need damage control against this
'quarksbar9' fellow. Are e and 'deltanine' (both ending with 9) connected in
any way, or is it a coincidince?

>>My fellow players, I urge you all to abstain from responding to BvS'
>>shameless attacks.  They do nothing to promote the intellectual
>>integrity of Nomicron.  With any luck, we will soon no longer be subject
>>to his behavior.
>-Ha. We shall see. Yes, indeed. We shall see.-

Stop it. Now they're scaring me and you're scaring me.

To those inclined to take things on other mailing lists out of context, the
above was a joke, as I assume was what BvS said. To those who do not need
such things pointed out to them and who think humor is better without little
sarcasm markers, take it up with quarksbar9.

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