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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

From: Daniel Lepage <dplepage@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cosmic Godlike Body Odor would be a great name for a Super Power. Or a Rock Band.

I nomiate that one for the Hall of Quotations, or whatever.

Actually, why restrict it to a subgame? What if we just made some random powers that could be granted to players in the game? We'd need a minister to track who had what, but some pretty spiffy powers could be made...

Interesting. I like it. From all the ideas you suggest, however, I think it would go under the responsibility of GridMin and/or Statkeeper. Both of which I am/will be.

Regarding the ministries, I think it would be much, much easier if we combined a few of them. If I'm GridMin and managing all the different objects in it, why should we add a third wheel of a seperate person to manage the Gremlins among all those objects. I think it would be better for each Minister to be independent of other Ministers and of Dave. Hopefully, I'll be able to just report to Dave point changes and a few other things, and let him just handle things like vote counts. Get a lot off his hands.

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