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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

We seem to be doing a bit of both - the grid was player-scaled up until Armies arrived; now it's actually kind of absurd - a space small enough to be filled by a single player so that no other player can enter is somehow large enough to hold an entire Army?

When I saw the armies proposal, I thought it was entirely nutty. I later convinced myself that the armies are really, really tiny.

Maybe they're armies of elves.

Actually, elves are normal-sized here. I think. Um, Orc? What size did you have in mind with that races prop?

Well, what I have in mind goes a bit further than the races prop; the Races prop leaves the rediculous scale as it now. However, what I had planned in the near future was a grid-split, with at least three 'grids', one with armies and factories and such, another for football, where we are the managers of teams rather than players, and another for the RPG grid, and a couple others for various purposes.

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