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Re: [spoon-discuss] M-Tek's charter and membership

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On Tuesday 15 April 2003 01:33 am, Glotmorf wrote:
> We at M-Tek have reviewed our current staffing, and have decided we have
> room for one more.  However, to ensure a steady stream of creativity into
> M-Tek, we are considering contracting out the position.  We therefore would
> like to hear public opinion regarding the following proposed charter:
> {{
> M-Tek has three classes of members: the Prez, Recruits and Emeritus
> members.
> One and only one entity can be the Prez.  If there is no Prez of M-Tek, the
Only one.
> Recruit of M-Tek who is a player with the highest Entropy, if one exists,
> becomes the new Prez and ceases to be a Recruit. Otherwise, the member who
> is a player and who has been a member longer than all other members who are
> players becomes the Prez and ceases to be any other class of M-Tek member.
> A Recruit is an entity eligible under the rules to be a society member,
> that has been invited by M-Tek to become a Recruit and has accepted said
> invitation.
> An Emeritus member is an entity eligible under the rules to be a society
> member, that occupies an Emeritus Chair.  M-Tek can declare that there
> exist a specific number of Emeritus Chairs, which will be filled by
> eligible entities based on Merit.  Merit is an attribute maintained by
> M-Tek for every eligible entity, based on the following criteria:

What does it start with? 0?
> If an Emeritus member is invited to become a Recruit and accepts the
> invitation (and thus becomes a Recruit), or if e becomes Prez, the Emeritus
> Chair e occupied is eliminated.  If e quits M-Tek, or ceases to exist (for
> players this means leaving the game), the Emeritus Chair e occupied is
> filled by the non-M-Tek-member Applicant with the highest Merit.

They didn't state eir desire.

> Ties in Merit between Applicants are resolved by the Prez, at eir
> discretion [[ typically randomly ]].  If there is no Prez, ties are
> resolved randomly.
> At the beginning of each nweek's voting period, if M-Tek could have legally
> submited a proposal for that nweek but did not, the Prez must give 5 points
> to each other member of M-Tek, if possible.
> For every bandwidth the Prez gives to M-Tek, each member other than the
> Prez automatically gives one bandwidth to M-Tek if said member has any
> bandwidth remaining. Members may additionally pledge to give or make
> available however much bandwidth they choose by announcing said pledge on
> the public forum; the Prez will maintain a list of pledges recognized by
> M-Tek in this charter.
> M-Tek takes an Action upon the Prez stating it does, or after 2 ndays of
> 1/2 of the members of M-Tek state it does if the Prez does not veto the
> action, or upon all of its Members stating it does.
> All members vote Yes on proposals made by M-Tek.

You may want a clause to overrule flawed props. I.e. a majority vote of 
members can overrule that.
> Under the terms of this charter, Wonko would become a Recruit.  Merit
> values for all entities would begin at zero, and we would start with a
> single Emeritus Chair.
> So.  Who would apply for the Emeritus Chair this nweek if the M-Tek charter
> was changed to the above?

What does said Chair do? Also, you should state that the Chairs are not 
membership positions.
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