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[spoon-discuss] M-Tek's charter and membership

We at M-Tek have reviewed our current staffing, and have decided we have room for one more.  However, to ensure a steady stream of creativity into M-Tek, we are considering contracting out the position.  We therefore would like to hear public opinion regarding the following proposed charter:


M-Tek has three classes of members: the Prez, Recruits and Emeritus members.

One and only one entity can be the Prez.  If there is no Prez of M-Tek, the Recruit of M-Tek who is a player with the highest Entropy, if one exists, becomes the new Prez and ceases to be a Recruit. Otherwise, the member who is a player and who has been a member longer than all other members who are players becomes the Prez and ceases to be any other class of M-Tek member.

A Recruit is an entity eligible under the rules to be a society member, that has been invited by M-Tek to become a Recruit and has accepted said invitation.

An Emeritus member is an entity eligible under the rules to be a society member, that occupies an Emeritus Chair.  M-Tek can declare that there exist a specific number of Emeritus Chairs, which will be filled by eligible entities based on Merit.  Merit is an attribute maintained by M-Tek for every eligible entity, based on the following criteria:

-	A non-M-Tek-member's Merit increases by 4 when voting for an M-Tek proposal.

-	An M-Tek member's Merit increases by 2 when voting for an M-Tek proposal.

-	A non-M-Tek-member's Merit decreases by 4 when voting against an M-Tek proposal.

-	An M-Tek member's Merit decreases by 6 when voting against an M-Tek proposal.

-	An entity's Merit increases by 1 for every bandwidth e contributes to M-Tek.

-	An M-Tek member's Merit increases by 3 for every M-Tek proposal e creates that gets added to the game ballot.

None of these changes may happen more than once per entity per proposal; however, more than one of them may occur for a given entity for the same proposal.  An extra vote granted to the entity by the rules [[ e.g. hands, philosophies, etc.]] counts as a non-M-Tek-member vote, even if made by an M-Tek member.

In a given nweek, if there exist Emeritus Chairs, eligible entities who are not the Prez or a Recruit can declare their desire to be an Emeritus member (entities who are already Emeritus members are assumed to declare their desire to remain so, unless they specify otherwise); said entities are considered Applicants.  At the beginning of the following nweek, Emeritus Chairs are assigned to Applicants with the highest Merit.  If there are fewer Applicants than Emeritus Chairs, the remaining Emeritus Chairs can be retained by Emeritus members who are not Applicants, in order by Merit.

If M-Tek eliminates a particular Emeritus Chair, the Emeritus member holding that Chair remains an Emeritus member through the nweek.

If an Emeritus member is invited to become a Recruit and accepts the invitation (and thus becomes a Recruit), or if e becomes Prez, the Emeritus Chair e occupied is eliminated.  If e quits M-Tek, or ceases to exist (for players this means leaving the game), the Emeritus Chair e occupied is filled by the non-M-Tek-member Applicant with the highest Merit.

Ties in Merit between Applicants are resolved by the Prez, at eir discretion [[ typically randomly ]].  If there is no Prez, ties are resolved randomly.

At the beginning of each nweek's voting period, if M-Tek could have legally submited a proposal for that nweek but did not, the Prez must give 5 points to each other member of M-Tek, if possible.

For every bandwidth the Prez gives to M-Tek, each member other than the Prez automatically gives one bandwidth to M-Tek if said member has any bandwidth remaining. Members may additionally pledge to give or make available however much bandwidth they choose by announcing said pledge on the public forum; the Prez will maintain a list of pledges recognized by M-Tek in this charter.

M-Tek takes an Action upon the Prez stating it does, or after 2 ndays of 1/2 of the members of M-Tek state it does if the Prez does not veto the action, or upon all of its Members stating it does.

All members vote Yes on proposals made by M-Tek.

During the current nweek's voting period, the Prez of M-Tek can state the M-Tek Position on the ballot items, in the form of a desired vote on each one. If an M-Tek member does not explicitly cast a vote on a ballot item, e automatically casts a vote identical to the M-Tek Position on that item.

If at any time M-Tek's point balance is positive, M-Tek evenly distributes points to its members, with any remainder staying in the point balance.  If M-Tek's charm balance is positive, it is similarly distributed.


Under the terms of this charter, Wonko would become a Recruit.  Merit values for all entities would begin at zero, and we would start with a single Emeritus Chair.

So.  Who would apply for the Emeritus Chair this nweek if the M-Tek charter was changed to the above?


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