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Re: [spoon-discuss] M-Tek's charter and membership

On 4/15/03 at 4:20 PM bd wrote:

>> One and only one entity can be the Prez.  If there is no Prez of M-Tek,
>Only one.


>> An Emeritus member is an entity eligible under the rules to be a society
>> member, that occupies an Emeritus Chair.  M-Tek can declare that there
>> exist a specific number of Emeritus Chairs, which will be filled by
>> eligible entities based on Merit.  Merit is an attribute maintained by
>> M-Tek for every eligible entity, based on the following criteria:
>What does it start with? 0?

Yes, I'll initialize it to zero in the nweek I implement this.

>> If an Emeritus member is invited to become a Recruit and accepts the
>> invitation (and thus becomes a Recruit), or if e becomes Prez, the
>> Chair e occupied is eliminated.  If e quits M-Tek, or ceases to exist
>> players this means leaving the game), the Emeritus Chair e occupied is
>> filled by the non-M-Tek-member Applicant with the highest Merit.
>They didn't state eir desire.

One becomes an Applicant by stating one's desire.

>What does said Chair do? Also, you should state that the Chairs are not
>membership positions.

I'm stating that they are membership positions.  They're just different from the Prez and Recruits.  Emeritus members do the same thing that regular members do: vote on M-Tek props, offer up new M-Tek props, get points and charm from passed M-Tek props, and donate unused bandwidth at the end of the nweek.


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