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spoon-discuss: So, what should I be doing?

Simple enough question.

I'm taking the time off to (in part) relax just a little bit. I love
watching the game unfold, but it is taking up ten or fifteen minutes a
day, and a couple hours after each ballot.

But, what sorts of things should I be doing? What do you want to see when
the new-and-improved B Nomic Web site rolls out next week?

Here's what's already on the burner, best shown by example. Let's take a
random rule, say, 204. On the current-rules page, it'll soon look like

Rule 204/1
Thou Shalt Not Screw With Time
Last Revision: nweek 5. [Revision History]
Keywords: [Time]

The [bracketed] stuff represents where links are. (Mind you, the links
don't work yet, but that's another tale entirely...)

They'll do the obvious things: "revision history" will pull up previous
versions of the rule or proposal in question, and each keyword (except
for Uncategorized) will pull up a list of other rules with that keyword.

(I'll be adding more keywords to the system as well. I don't think there's
even a Gremlin keyword yet. Sigh.)

Things like that will make life easier for all the players...

But, I'm always open to other ideas. Both things that will make your lives
easier, and (especially) things that will make my life easier.

Unfortunately, most of the really good stuff would be technically illegal
- some have suggested a Web-based Proposal system, and even Web voting,
but neither of those would be legal. I'd have to carefully check every
online proposal against the Forum version to be sure they are in fact the
same, and online voting would be subject to ballot-stuffing and/or forgery
unless I put a LOT more time into it than I'd really like to.

But ideas are good. I'm a big fan of ideas.


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