Donald Whytock on 17 Feb 2002 09:14:17 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: So, what should I be doing?

On 2/15/02 at 2:05 AM David E. Smith wrote:

>But, what sorts of things should I be doing? What do you want to see when
>the new-and-improved B Nomic Web site rolls out next week?

Were I to be greedy...

I'd want more intrapage links, so that if r123 references r234, the reference to r234 would be a link to r234, so that I can flip back and forth between the two rules.

Maybe an alphabetized rule name index at the beginning of the rule list.

Definitely a place for Limbo above or below the Grid, because, thanks to football, things being in (1,1) may become an issue.

BTW, a thought about the database...Do you store the actual text of objects in the database, or is that stored in files that are referenced by the database?  Which do you think would be less of a resource drain: hauling lots of text out of the database, or opening several text files in succession?