Donald Whytock on 15 Feb 2002 07:45:45 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: So, what should I be doing?

On 2/15/02 at 2:05 AM David E. Smith wrote:

>Simple enough question.
>I'm taking the time off to (in part) relax just a little bit. I love
>watching the game unfold, but it is taking up ten or fifteen minutes a
>day, and a couple hours after each ballot.
>But, what sorts of things should I be doing? What do you want to see when
>the new-and-improved B Nomic Web site rolls out next week?
>Here's what's already on the burner, best shown by example. Let's take a
>random rule, say, 204. On the current-rules page, it'll soon look like
>Rule 204/1
>Thou Shalt Not Screw With Time
>Last Revision: nweek 5. [Revision History]
>Keywords: [Time]
>The [bracketed] stuff represents where links are. (Mind you, the links
>don't work yet, but that's another tale entirely...)
>They'll do the obvious things: "revision history" will pull up previous
>versions of the rule or proposal in question, and each keyword (except
>for Uncategorized) will pull up a list of other rules with that keyword.
>(I'll be adding more keywords to the system as well. I don't think there's
>even a Gremlin keyword yet. Sigh.)
>Things like that will make life easier for all the players...
>But, I'm always open to other ideas. Both things that will make your lives
>easier, and (especially) things that will make my life easier.
>Unfortunately, most of the really good stuff would be technically illegal
>- some have suggested a Web-based Proposal system, and even Web voting,
>but neither of those would be legal. I'd have to carefully check every
>online proposal against the Forum version to be sure they are in fact the
>same, and online voting would be subject to ballot-stuffing and/or forgery
>unless I put a LOT more time into it than I'd really like to.
>But ideas are good. I'm a big fan of ideas.

Why would web voting be illegal?  The rules just talk about submitting the vote to the administrator; it doesn't say that has to be done through email.

And web-based proposals?  What if a player could edit the proposal on a webpage, and cause the new version to be spat to the forum?