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spoon-discuss: today's random thoughts on voting and stuff.

If the next nweek's ballot ends up being anything like the current one
(i.e. 30+ proposals), I'll have to design an automatic vote-counting
system. Should it come to that, would anyone object to voting on the Web
site (as opposed to voting by email), assuming I can conjure up a
reasonably secure way to do it?

(This may not be strictly permissible, per 31/2, but I may drive my fiat -
vroom vroom - through that rule, if need be. Or just have the Web site
automatically send me an email containing votes. ;)

Also, if anyone has submitted a proposal that I've completely missed and
neglected to recognize (as opposed to the one I just outright refused to
recognize), please let me know.

Proposals will be accepted through 5:59 PM CDT on Monday, the 31st. Voting
will be from 6:00 PM CDT on the 31st through 5:59 PM CDT on Thursday,
January 3, 2002. Adjust for your timezone as necessary. (I'm in Central
time, so that's what I use, but officially the game uses GMT or UCT or

The results of this ballot will likely be delayed 'til Friday morning,
because of the sheer size of the ballot, and the fact that several
proposals, if successful, will require more than five minutes of work to


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