Donald Whytock on 29 Dec 2001 21:42:43 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: today's random thoughts on voting and stuff.

An afterthought on a web-based ballot:

I don't think the rules define the word "forum" anywhere, certainly not as necessarily meaning a mailing list.  If the webpage itself allowed interaction, the webpage itself would qualify as a forum.  If the webpage was capable of receiving votes, and also allowing those votes to be designated public or private, and display the current publicly submitted votes, then it would qualify as both a public forum for the publicly submitted votes and the Administrator for the privately submitted ones.

So howzabout a version of the current proposal list, with Yes/No/Abstain radio buttons followed by the current public votes below the text of each proposal, and a Submit Publicly button and a Submit Privately button at the bottom?

Awful tempting to make this a proposal, but I haven't a clue what sort of server-side coding is permitting you...