Donald Whytock on 29 Dec 2001 21:17:33 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: today's random thoughts on voting and stuff.

On 12/29/01 at 8:11 PM David E. Smith wrote:

>If the next nweek's ballot ends up being anything like the current one
>(i.e. 30+ proposals), I'll have to design an automatic vote-counting
>system. Should it come to that, would anyone object to voting on the Web
>site (as opposed to voting by email), assuming I can conjure up a
>reasonably secure way to do it?
>(This may not be strictly permissible, per 31/2, but I may drive my fiat -
>vroom vroom - through that rule, if need be. Or just have the Web site
>automatically send me an email containing votes. ;)
>Also, if anyone has submitted a proposal that I've completely missed and
>neglected to recognize (as opposed to the one I just outright refused to
>recognize), please let me know.
>Proposals will be accepted through 5:59 PM CDT on Monday, the 31st. Voting
>will be from 6:00 PM CDT on the 31st through 5:59 PM CDT on Thursday,
>January 3, 2002. Adjust for your timezone as necessary. (I'm in Central
>time, so that's what I use, but officially the game uses GMT or UCT or
>The results of this ballot will likely be delayed 'til Friday morning,
>because of the sheer size of the ballot, and the fact that several
>proposals, if successful, will require more than five minutes of work to

You don't have a fiat.  You have a veto.  You remember them...?  They bought out Yugo?  And I don't think you can drive a veto or a yugo through an already-established rule...:)