Chess on 13 Jan 2001 18:40:19 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal: Poetry Competiton c/rg

Enact a rule entitled 'The Curse of Verse' with the following text:

The Poetry Contest is an instance of a challenge/response game with the
following attributes:
game name: The Poetry Contest
contestmaster title:  A Nomic's Poet Laureate
duration: until repealed
repetitive: yes, at discretion of current contestmaster
entry fee: 2

When they feel like it, the Poet Laureate should post a Challenge to any
public forum.

Limits and guidelines:
The Challenge will take the following form:
The Poet Laurate will set a topic, and optionally a length, a style and/or a
title, for the other players to write a poem on.

This is entirely up to the personal tastes of the current Poet Laureate;
bribes, threats and other forms of coercion are entirely permissable so long
as they break neither the other rules of this Nomic or the laws of the land
in the country of residence of either participant in said form of coercion.

first Admin:
The first Admin of the game is M'cachessilnath.