Dan Waldron on 12 Jan 2001 16:51:00 -0000

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spoon-business: Tax Collector Fix

The following is a new proposal entitled "Tax Collector Fix"

> I've been looking in the rules for other duties of the tax collector and 
> haven't found anything else I can do.  Can anyone clarify the statement 
> that I am supposed to "recover from Agents debts owed the Bank."  Currently 
> are there any debts that are not paid?
> jeff

To force a repayment the debt needs to be overdue.  Then a motion can be
made that, if it passes, requires the debtor to pay up.  However, I
specified the Banker to do this, not the Tax Collector.

   Rule 317/0 : The Bank

     The Bank is an agent, but not an eligible voter.

     If a debt owed the Bank is overdue the Bank may submit a Motion for
     Repayment of that debt, at the discretion of the Banker.

     A Bank Motion is a motion that, once submitted, becomes a Ballot
     Item on the next nweekly voting. A Bank Motion should describe one
     or more actions to be performed by the Bank. If it passes, a Motive
     Order is issued for the Bank to perform those actions.

The second paragraph _should_ specify the Tax collector, not the Banker.

Amend the second paragraph of rule 317 to read as follows:

If a debt owed the bank is overdue the Tax Collector shall, within a
reasonable length of time, submit a motion for repayment of that debt on
behalf of the bank.