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spoon-business: Proposal: NomicHome

Enact a Rule entitled "Home Alone" with the following text:

A NomicHome is a particular instance of Place as defined by the relevant
rule. Every Player in A Nomic automatically owns a NomicHome.

A NomicHome has the following properties, changable by the owner:

Location: initially NomicTown
Name: initially <PlayerName>'s Home
Description: initially 'A boring house'
Contents: initially just the Player who is the owner of the NomicHome
Value: initially 0 points

All properties except Contents of a NomicHome can be assigned arbitary
values, and the NomicHomes can be bought and sold in the same manner as any
Object. Contents can only be modified by adding an Object elsewhere
acquired, adding a Player with eir consent or removing an Object or Player
already present.

To assign a new value to one or more properties of their NomicHome, a Player
must post such modifications to any public forum, and these will be treated
as a two-day unanimous consent motion [to allow for changes insulting anyone
to be barred].

Anyone who quotes more than a sentance (or 10 words; minimum 4 words) of
another Player's NomicHome description in their NomicHome description must
pay that Player a fine of half the value of their NomicHome nweekly until
they have submitted a modification to rectify the matter.
[if you want the description, buy the home from the player!]