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Re: [eia] Re: British forage rolls, 4/06

I'm not trying to pull a fast one, here.  My intention was for the first
corps to move to Montpellier and place as many factors as possible into
garrison (which was 4, as the corps contained 5 I at the beginning of the
turn.  The second corps would then pick up all those factors from the city
and move away.

I made 3 rules mistakes.  First of all, I originally wrote my orders as if
the effects of the forage roll took place before detaching factors into the
city, which it doesn't.  Second, when Kyle pointed out this error, I thought
the factors placed in the city before the forage roll were not eligible for
forage death from that roll, which they are.  Third, I thought the factor
left in the corps would die first (and the corps counter be removed) before
the factors placed in garrison, but it's the other way around.

But if Kyle's issue is that I shouldn't be able to base the action of the
second corps (i.e., how many factors it picks up, if any) on the results of
the first corps' forage roll, I say that I definitely should.  The rules are
very clear that forage rolls are made for each corps one-by-one as they move
(unlike paid supply, which is done all at once after all movement).  We just
roll all our forage checks at once at the end of our land phases for the
sake of convenience.

In any case, since the example Mike quoted from the rules is almost
identical, it is clear what happens in this case.  The first corps moves to
Montpellier and detaches a 4 I garrison there, when those 4 factors suddenly
realize that they actually staved to death during the trip and disappear.
There is no choice for me in which factors are removed, since the corps only
has 1 I left.  The second corps has no factors to pick up in Montpellier,
and so moves on at its original strength.

I apologize, all, for the errors I've made this turn.


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> Quoting Mike:
> > Actually, all factors in a corps at any part of the move are eligible
> > foraging death.  So the 4 factors would be detached and then would all
> > as you are only allowed to remove a corps counter if all factors in it
> > part of the phase are killed.
> >
> I agree with this part of Mike's statement.  Under no circumstances should
> JJ be permitted to amend his orders in the way he suggested.  He cannot
> off garrison factors and have them scooped up by another passing corps to
> try to protect them from becoming foraging losses.  Those factors would be
> dead as soon as the forage roll was made.
> > The first clause here says that you roll forage as you finish movement
> > the conditional order JJ used was the correct method.
> This is what I disagree with, and I don't see how it is supported by any
> the rules Mike quoted.  As I recall (I could be wrong), detaching garrison
> factors is a part of movement (even if it is at the end of movement).
> Therefore, the decision to detach or not detach a garrison should be made
> prior to rolling forage.  And then the rules that Mike quoted become
> applicable (i.e., losses can be taken from detached garrisons if the
> foraging losses would otherwise eliminate the corps).
> kdh
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