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Re: [eia] Re: British forage rolls, 4/06

Actually, all factors in a corps at any part of the move are eligible for foraging death. So the 4 factors would be detached and then would all die as you are only allowed to remove a corps counter if all factors in it any part of the phase are killed.

The first clause here says that you roll forage as you finish movement so the conditional order JJ used was the correct method. Supply is done at the end of the turn but foraging is done as each unit moves.

The other two show how to deal with detached factors when the foraging losses are greater than the factors remaining in the corps. FORAGING PROCEDURE: A die is rolled for each foraging corps as it completes movement (but after resolving any <http://www.centerdigit.com/openrpg/eina/#7.3.8>7.3.8 procedures that may be caused by its movement). This die roll is modified as in <http://www.centerdigit.com/openrpg/eina/#>, if any modifiers apply. The modified die result is than compared with the forage value of the area with the lowest forage value of all the areas passed through or stopped in, not counting the area in which the corps started (unless the corps did not move and remained in one area), during its Land Movement Step. If the modified die result is equal to or less than this forage value, there is no effect. For each modified die point above the forage value, the corps must lose one army factor. Any factors that were part of the corps during its movement are eligible to be used for forage losses. If possible, forage losses must come out of the factors actually in the corps when movement is completed. Corps counters may be removed as a result of forage losses only if all factors that were part of the corps during its movement are lost to foraging. If only one factor remains after foraging losses are removed, that factor must be in the corps and the corps counter must be left on the map. For example, a corps with three regular infantry factors detaches two of these factors into a city in an area passed through and then rolls a loss of two factors while foraging. Since the corps can only be removed if all factors are lost, the two detached factors would have to be the ones lost. If the corps had started with five factors, the two forage losses would come out of the corps (leaving one factor in the corps) and the two detached factors would remain in their city. If the corps had started with four factors, one of the forage losses would have to come out Of the corps (leaving one factor in the corps) and the other loss would have to be one of the detached factors.

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