jjy on Sat, 13 Nov 2004 07:00:35 -0600 (CST)

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[eia] Re: British forage rolls, 4/06

Hmm.  I had known that the forage roll for that corps would take place at
the end of its move, before the next corps moved.  But my mistake came in
thinking that the forage roll happened before factors were detached into the
city.  From what Kyle has said, I see now that I was wrong (it seems obvious
now, as usually happens).

What I should have said was:

1 I:  Bayonne ---> Montpellier (drop 4 I)  (f/ 2-)

1 I:  Montpellier (pick up 3 or 4 I, depending on whether the previous corps
survives its forage roll) ---> W of Zurich

In other words, I should have made the conditional whether or not the corps
from Bayonne survived, after rolling forage (it wouldn't have, as it turns

How about this solution:
-The corps moved from Bayonne to Montpellier and dropped 4 I.
-The corps was destroyed by its bad forage roll.
-I would have preferred to leave a 1 I garrison at Montpellier, but since my
orders were in error, the corps from Montpellier follows them anyway,
picking up all 4 I.
-The corps mistakenly leaves the city empty and moves away.

Jim, is this solution acceptable ?


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