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Re: [eia] Take 2

    Yes, I admit that I have come around to your view that the rules seem to
assume that enemy corps in the same space must be involved in a siege.
However, the way I read your proposed rule, a corps would also be forced to
besiege an enemy city garrison if it stopped movement in a space containing
one.  That is something I wanted to avoid.
    The stuff about depot garrisons is just a summary of the rules in  I have added nothing new to these rules.  I just included the
summary for the sake of completeness.  In fact, I take it that all of the
sections were simply summaries of the written rules.  Only the first section
is intended as an elaboration to help create consistency.  (And as you said,
JJ, that section was inspired by your suggestion.)


> All of this seems to be exactly the same as the proposal for a house rule
> which I made earlier (although I never considered the situation of a depot
> garrison).
> -JJY

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