J.J. Young on 28 Jul 2002 18:51:02 -0000

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[eia] proposed house rule

Well, I've just reread the previous discussion, and it brings up the question of, how would we handle the situation of a corps which is in a city with enemy forces outside, but is not besieged ?  Can it freely leave the area without having to fight a battle ?  If it stays, what are the rules for its foraging or supply ?  Can it be supplied ?
BTW, garrisons are not so hard to handle, since they need no supply unless besieged.
This muddle leads me to the conclusion that we should just have a house roll that states that:  
*Any and all* corps which move into an area containing an enemy corps that could retire into a city *must* forage or pay for supply in such a way as to be eligible to besiege the city.  If the defender elects to retire all his forces into the city, or if the attacker fights and wins a field battle in the land area outside the city, while defending forces remain inside, the attacker *must* besiege the city during this land phase.
It therefore wouldn't matter whether the defender ultimately chooses to retire into the city or not, so no extra emails required.  It avoids the situation of an unbesieged corps in a city suurounded by enemies.  Keep in mind that although the attacker must besiege the city, there is nothing forcing the attacker to attempt a breach assault if they don't want to.  I think this house rule would greatly simplify matters in a way that does not interfere with the spirit of the game, or with the way we've been playing so far.