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Re: [eia] 3/05 Austria land phase

O.K.,  Mike just convinced me.  Does *not* say that the declaration of attack happens immediately.
It just says that there will have to be a declaration of attack.   O.K.,
so when is that declaration of attack?:

7.5.1  " . . .at the end of all movement . . ."

(Yes, Mike, I know you've already said just that, but now I see the

(Actually, this means our "house rule" is redundant with the real rules)


> At 02:43 PM 7/28/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >     Hold it.  I thought we had just finished a conversation in which we all
> >agreed that the spirit of our House Rules was violated by requiring
> >retirement decisions in the middle of another player's land phase.  Now
> >maybe JJ's and Everett's emails indicate that they wish to revisit that
> >decision.  So be it.  But here are the rules I thought we had just agreed
> >to:
> >
> >When a player is moving during their land phase:
> >     -they must stop whenever they enter a space containing an enemy corps
> >(contrary to the written rules).
> >     -they must make decisions during supply about whether to use unused
> >movement points for forage or not, and the decision would impact eligibility
> >for laying siege (contrary to the written rules).
> >     -all retirement decisions by non-phasing players are made after the
> >phasing player's land orders are complete (contrary to the written rules).
> >
> >There are two possibilities:  either I completely misunderstood the point of
> >our recent discussions, or some of you have changed your minds about this
> >issue.  Please let me know which one it is (or if there is a third
> >alternative I am missing).
> >
> >kdh
>          I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree on all of your contrary 
> to the written rules claims since I think you've just described the written 
> rules.
>          It seems silly to me to decide the combat rules by reading the 
> movement rules and not the combat rules.  My reading of is that you 
> must end movement if you encounter a corps outside of a city and you should 
> now go read how to declare an attack because you will have to declare an 
> attack in the land combat phase.  Now we go to 7.5.4, the general rules of 
> land combat.   These rules state in no uncertain terms that attack 
> declarations occur after all land movement is complete.  The way I see, 
> this entire argument is trying to supercede the land combat rules with the 
> land movement rules for reasons I cannot fathom.
> Mike
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