Everett E. Proctor on 28 Jul 2002 19:47:03 -0000

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Re: [eia] 3/05 Austria land phase

>          Looking back over the other rules that talk about that, all corps 
> must be able to siege if any are to siege, which seems odd, but, 
> whatever.  However, I still do not believe that 7.5.4 support the idea that 
> the defender must decide to retire into the city before the end of land 
> movement.  I do not see how indicates that the attacker knows if 
> the defender will retire into the city before the end of movement. 

Here is my reasoning: ". . .the corp *must* cease movement and declare an attack" "Any forces or portion of forces upon whom an attack is declared
may *immediately* retire . . ." (emphasis mine)

I believe that immediately means that as soon as a corp is moved
into a province, the defender has to choose to go into the city or not
before the rest of the movement is completed (including foraging).


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