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spoon-business: CFI 766 ruling

[[ Let's try it on the public forum now... ]]

On 6/1/02 at 3:51 AM Dan Waldron wrote:

>I submit the following CFI:
>Given that the rules exist to be interpreted by intelligent beings, and
>given that it might, through methods foreseen or unforeseen, become
>impossible to determine the value of various game values, and
>given that this has indeed happened, I submit the following statement:
>No player was awarded a win during nweek 16.
>My analysis follows.
>Rule 18/2 states that "With the exception of Rule Changes whatever is not
>prohibited or regulated by the Ruleset is permitted and unregulated."
>Indeterminate values are neither prohibited nor regulated.  Therefore it
>is up to us to come to some decision how they shall be dealt with.  The
>simplest means of dealing with an undefined value is to have the answer of
>any query made of it be "no", and this is the principle I suggest we apply
>here.  I do not suggest that we apply this principle indiscriminately, for
>example if the rules were to ask "is the value of x indeterminate?" it
>would be foolish to return an answer of "no" due to precedent if x were
>indeterminate.  However, in present circumstances the principle is quite
>simple to apply.
>Rule 27/2 states that "If at any time a player's score equals or exceeds
>1000 points, and that player's Charm and Activity are both greater than
>zero, that player is immediately awarded a Win."
>The rule asks the question "Is the value of any player's greater than or
>equal to 1000 points?"  In the case of Wonko and others whose score is
>indeterminate, the answer is "no."
>Furthermore, rule 440 asks the question "is the global Entropy greater
>than 500?" since the global Entropy is also indeterminate the answer
>should also be "no."

I rule this statement to be TRUE.

I agree with Plaintiff's analysis of the regulation of indeterminate values; though I choose to interpret the current values publicly regarded as indeterminate as being what they would be as the result of DimShips not having cumulative effect.

I have said.